Research-Based Decision Making

Amstar utilizes an extensive top-down and bottom-up research approach in all of the investment decisions it makes. Amstar’s research allows it to be an “early mover” in markets and property types before they attract broader investment interest. Emphasis is placed on markets that have broad, diverse economies and are dominated by industries with long-term growth prospects.  Amstar is experienced in identifying and acquiring or developing exceptionally well-located, high-quality properties in strong markets and locations with significant potential.

Nimbleness & Responsiveness

One of Amstar’s primary competitive advantages is its ability to move quickly. It has a flat organizational structure that is reinforced by a team of seasoned and experienced real estate professionals who recognize that opportunities can often be lost without quick and accurate responses. Amstar’s investment teams regularly review investment strategies for each property so that as markets change they are ready to make quick decisions. Amstar is well positioned to respond quickly to investment opportunities and exercise judgment as a disciplined real estate investor.

Rigorous Asset Management

Amstar demands the highest level of execution from each of its properties. Each investment team develops, refines and executes specific asset strategies in order to manage risk, maximize performance and enhance long-term values. This can include leasing, asset repositioning and refinancing. Amstar prides itself on being proactive, decisive and rigorous in the management of all of its investments to ensure it achieves superior risk-adjusted returns for its clients.

“Cradle-to -Grave” Investment Management Process

At Amstar, the investment professionals underwriting a particular investment are responsible for the performance of the investment from acquisition through disposition. This ensures a seamless transition between acquisition and operations and aligns the interests of the organization directly with those of our clients.

Long-Term View

While Amstar is nimble and responsive, it views all of its investments with a long-term perspective. Its investment outlook embraces patience and persistence while demanding immediate accountability. Amstar is steadfast in its commitments, it honors its obligations, and it always treats others with respect.